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MicroPilot is the choice of over 1000 clients in 85 countries

MicroPilot releases the MP CAT - A lightweight   MicroPilot’s MP2128g Flies in the World Air Games in Italy
UAV catapult   June 20, 2009
August 10, 2009    
MicroPilot's Celebrates Its 15th Birthday   CropCam Featured in Natural World Film Series
June 5, 2009   May 26, 2009
MicroPilot Receives ISO 9001:2000 Certification   MicroPilot Honoured with Award for Excellence in
December 17, 2008   Technological Innovation
    November 21, 2008
SkyLite B, powered by the MP2x28g Autopilot Breaks   MicroPilot Teams up with QinetiQ In the UK MOD
World Record in High Altitude and Extended Range   Grand Challenge
November 1, 2008   October 9, 2008
MicroPilot Successfully Flies CryoWing in the Arctic   MicroPilot featured on Discovery Channel's New Series
October 8, 2008   Called PROTOTYPE THIS!
    October 6, 2008
UAV Vision Integrates MP2128g Autopilot into   NASA Flies with MicroPilot
Mini Gyro Dome Stabilized   July 15, 2008
August 25, 2008    
MicroPilot's Autopilot Systems Successfully Integrated   MicroPilot's Growth Continues 500 UAV Integrators
with CONTROP's STAMP Stabilized Miniature Payloads   in 60 Countries
July 1, 2008 | read more   February 15, 2008
True Hardware in the Loop (trueHWIL) Simulator Delivers    
More Complete, Higher Fidelity Simulation    
January 7, 2008    
NASA jet makes inaugural flight at 2007 AUVSI   MicroPilot (finally!) shipping MP2128heli
trade show   November 30, 2007
December 10, 2007    
MicroPilot Launches Miniature Helicopter Autopilot   MP2x28g Used in the First Pairing of Air and Ground
August 29, 2006   Robotic Vehicles for Indoor Search and Rescue Mission
    July 20, 2006
MicroPilot Launches Two New UAV Integrated Autopilots   University of Manitoba Wins 2006 AUVSI Student
MP2x28/2128LRC   Competition using MicroPilot’s MP2x28g
July 19, 2006   July 5, 2006
University of Linkoping Wins with MicroPilot   MicroPilot Performs for NASA
October 11, 2005   August 31, 2005
MicroPilot: Official Autopilot of the 2005 AUVSI Student   Canadian Based MicroPilot World Leader in Miniature
Competition   UAV Autopilots
August 5, 2005   June 13, 2005
MicroPilot Presented with SmartTech Award   MicroPilot’s Milestone Growth 300 Clients in 47 Countries
February 7, 2005   January 5, 2005
Accelerate Your UAV Program at the MicroPilot UAV   MicroPilot Congratulates Virginia Commonwealth
Flight Facility   University and Will Continue to Sponsor the Third
December 15, 2004   AUVSI Student UAV Competition
    November 12, 2004
Howard Loewen, President of MicroPilot Finalist in   MicroPilot’s Complete Range of Autopilot Accessories
Entrepreneur of Year Award   September 15, 2004
October 15, 2004    
The MP2x28g Successfully Flies UAV Over Amsterdam   MicroPilot Finalist at the Aerospace Industry Awards 2004
July 5, 2004   February 26, 2004
MicroPilot Releases New Product: XTENDERmp    
Software Developer’s Kit    
February 24, 2004    
MicroPilot Finalist for Canadian Information Productivity   MicroPilot Congratulates Cornell University and Will be a
Awards (CIPA)   Repeat Sponsor of the Second AUVSI Student UAV
November 19, 2003   Competition
    October 30, 2003
SCRAB Aerial Target Goes Into Production Using a   MicroPilot Receives Manitoba Business Award
MicroPilot Autopilot   September 25, 2003
September 30, 2003    
MicroPilot Unveils the World’s Smallest UAV Autopilot:   MicroPilot Proud to Sponsor Student UAV Competition
Introducing the MP2028g   May 6, 2003
July 15, 2003    
MicroPilot Releases HORIZONmp Ground Control Software   MicroPilot Receives Innovation Awards
April 28, 2003   April 24, 2003
The JASON Project: Real Science. Real Time, Real Learning   NASA Langley Research Center:
February 19, 2003   Another NASA Project for Manitoba Based MicroPilot
    February 18, 2003
MicroPilot Partners with BAI Aerosystems on the Snake Eye    
February 12, 2003    
The Iturralde Crater Expedition 2002 (ICE 2002)   MicroPilot Soars at the International European Conference
December 10, 2002   on Unmanned Target Vehicles (UTV)
    October 1, 2002
Forget the Moon, How About Mars    
August 2, 2002    
MP2000 Autopilot Succeeds at International UAV competition    
July 23, 2001    
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