MicroPilot - World Leader in Professional UAS Autopilots
World Leader in Professional UAV Autopilots

Canadian Based MicroPilot World Leader in Miniature UAV Autopilots

June 13, 2005

PARIS - MicroPilot is the world leading manufacturer of miniature autopilots for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and micro aerial vehicles (MAV). Weighing 28 grams, the MP2128g is the world’s smallest full functional autopilot. Capabilities include airspeed hold, altitude hold, turn coordination, GPS navigation, plus autonomous operation from launch to recovery. Included with the MP2128g autopilot is the HORIZONmp ground control software that offers a user friendly point and click interface for mission planning, parameter adjustment, flight monitoring and mission simulation.

For versatility, MicroPilot has developed a full compliment of autopilot accessories including a Compass Module, Analog to Digital Converter Module, Ultrasonic Altitude Sensor, Configuration Wizard and XTENDERmp Software Developer’s Kit, For example, XTENDERmp gives the systems integrator the ability to fully customize the MP2028g autopilot and the HORIZONmp ground control software to match their end user’s requirements. Using the XTENDERmp it is possible to implement alternate control laws, collect and display data from custom sensors, and cameras.

For dependability, MicroPilot offers a comprehensive selection of training, integration, flight testing, along with custom software and hardware development services. As an added convenience, clients can choose to have a MicroPilot expert come to their site or they can send a person or team to the MicroPilot UAV Facility. Situated on 40 acres of flat prairie, the MicroPilot UAV Facility includes head office, production, R&D and flight testing all at one site.

For innovation, MicroPilot is continuously striving to improve its products. Through on going development, MicroPilot is pleased to launch the following new autopilot products and software release:

MP2128g Autopilot
The MP2128g autopilot, equipped with a more powerful processor, is suitable for more advanced UAV and MAV applications. The MP2128g provides faster update rates for feedback loops and improved altitude estimation. The MP2128g provides a platform for future improvement and new features.

HORIZONmp Ground Control Station Version 3.2
The latest HORIZONmp ground control station version 3.2 offers the following features:

  • Improved video support with user definable resolution, user definable frames per second and text overlay capability.
  • Camera view locator added to map.
  • Fly by camera support.
  • DEM aware.
  • Improved multi-UAV support, tracks multiple UAVs on the map simultaneously with instant switch between UAVs.
  • Many on one and one on many communications architecture that allows control of multiple UAVs over one or more data links.
  • Definable layout allows repositioning and re-sizing of user interface elements to suit customer requirements.
  • Point and click waypoint editor runs while tracking UAV in-flight for increased flexibility when re-programming waypoints.

That is why for the burgeoning UAV market, MicroPilot is the choice of over 300 UAV integrators in 47 countries. For reputation, versatility, dependability and innovation, MicroPilot is the world leader in miniature autopilots. MicroPilot will be exhibiting at the 46th Annual International Paris Air Show. For more information or to interview Howard Loewen, President and Chief Technical Officer or Lisa Shaw, Director of Communications, visit the MicroPilot Booth in Hall 4, Stand 33 or see the newly revised MicroPilot website at www.micropilot.com.

Lisa Shaw
Director of Communications
Phone: 204 344 5558 ext. 230
Cell: 204 510-2942
Email: lshaw@micropilot.com

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