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World Leader in Professional UAV Autopilots

MicroPilot Unveils the World’s Smallest UAV Autopilot: Introducing the MP2028g

July 15, 2003

Baltimore -- MicroPilot is a world leading manufacturer of miniature autopilots for the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market. MicroPilot is internationally recognized for its MP2000, the market leader in miniature autopilots. MicroPilot is pleased to introduce the MP2028g, the world’s smallest autopilot for UAV’s. Weighing only 28 grams, the MP2028g establishes a new benchmark for lightweight autopilots.

Key Features of the New MP2028g Autopilot
MicroPilot’s MP2028g is the world’s smallest UAV autopilot. Weighing only 28 grams, the MP2028g is a low cost integrated autopilot that is small enough to fly miniature UAVs, yet offers all the features of a full size autopilot.

  • Weight is 28 grams
  • Dimensions are 10 cm X 4 cm
  • GPS waypoint navigation
  • Altitude and airspeed hold
  • Autonomous take-off and landing
  • 1,000 programmable waypoints
  • Powerful command set
  • Fully integrated with a 3-axis gyros accelerometers, GPS and pressure sensors all on a single circuit board
  • Extensive data logging
  • Controls up to 24 servos
  • Option set allows the engineer to tailor the MP2x28g to any airframe

Included with the MP2028g is the HORIZONmp ground control software that offers a user friendly point and click interface for mission planning. Developed by MicroPilot, the HORIZONmp runs on a Windows computer or laptop. The HORIZONmp allows the operator to monitor the MP2028g, change waypoints, upload new flight plans, initiate holding patterns and adjust feedback loop gains all while the UAV is flying.

Potential Markets for the MP2028g
The lightweight MP2028g is ideally suited for the emerging back-pack miniature aerial vehicle (MAV) market.

Howard Loewen, President and Chief Technical Officer of MicroPilot, stated:

"Up until this point the development of micro air vehicles has been hampered by the lack of suitable autopilot for control and flight guidance. At only 28 grams the MP2028g will take micro air vehicles from the research labs and into the users’ hands.”

The MP2028g is priced at $5,000 (US) in single units and will be on display at the AUVSI 2003 Unmanned Systems Symposium and Exhibition being held at the Baltimore Convention Center, July 15-17.

For more information, specification sheets or to arrange for an interview with Howard Loewen, President and Chief Technical Officer or Dave Wakeman, Business Development Manager please visit the MicroPilot Booth (#300).

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