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BlueBird, an Israeli company, furnishes UAV solutions to military special forces and civilian agencies, with a need for real-time intelligence from small, airborne systems. Visit their website


The Casper 250 Mini UAV system is specially designed to provide "over the hill" intelligence as a cost effective and simple to operate system.

It can be deployed in very short time, the system operation is simple and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is user-friendly. Visit their website


ProS3, an Italian company, specializes in 3D computer-aided design, finite element analysis, and computational fluid dynamics. In 2006, it branched out into unmanned aerial systems development for both civilian and military applications. Visit their website


Silent Falcon UAS Technologies is a leader in Global Aerial Data Acquisition. We provide the best aerial sensors to acquire data and the best unmanned aerial platforms to carry these sensors. Our very long endurance solar electric powered small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) and the sensors it carries are targeted specifically to meet the needs of the rapidly emerging global commercial, public safety and ISR markets for aerial data acquisition. Our products include the Silent Falcon™ sUAS; and the FalconVision™, Orion HD25, Discoverer and XCAM sensors, as well as several sensors in development. They are all are highly innovative, technologically advanced, state of the art patent pending products designed to have precisely those capabilities demanded now by the global Commercial, Industrial, Civil, Public Safety and Defense sUAS markets. Visit their website



Robot Aviation AS Norway offer a variety of fixed wing unmanned aerial systems which are designed to operate under challenging conditions, providing extensive endurance and range. Visit their website