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MicroPilot Presented with SmartTech Award

February 7, 2005

The Smart Awards and the Board of Smart Partners of Manitoba named MicroPilot as the recipient of the 2005 Smart Awards Winner in the technology category.

At the celebration dinner, awards were presented in 10 categories for Corporate Education, Community, Research, Innovation, Business, Recreation and Culture, Technology, Health, Public Education and Entrepreneurship.

Lisa Shaw, Director of Communications stated:

"To be in that group of Manitoba companies says something for everyone and MicroPilot is very proud to be part of that group. Congratulations to all the winners."

In conclusion, MicroPilot would like to thank Smart Partners of Manitoba for sponsoring the award.

Lisa Shaw
Director of Communications
Phone: 204 344 5558 ext. 230
Cell: 204 510-2942
Email: lshaw@micropilot.com

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