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UAV Flight Facility

The MicroPilot UAV flight facility is situated on 40 acres of flat prairie and only 10 minutes north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Advantages include:

  • MicroPilot head office, production, research and development, and flight testing all at one site
  • Established north/south and east/west runways
  • Flight support building, complete with workshop located at runways
  • Private test area with controlled access for security
  • Blanket government-issued Special Flight Operation Certificate covers a wide range of UAV operations
  • The MicroPilot UAV flight facility eliminates time wasted time traveling to and from a test site everyday to give you maximum flight time. Another advantage is having access to the entire MicroPilot team, so if a question arises, you have the support of a hardware developer, test pilot, or software developer right at your fingertips.

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