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MP2x28 Series Autopilots

Four autopilots, one learning curve

Since the company began in 1994, MicroPilot autopilots have been compact, lightweight, and powerful. They have flown everything from one-pound MAVs/backpacks to high-speed, turbine-powered drones. MicroPilot offers more flexibility and selection in autopilots than ever before to meet clients' needs, ranging from sophisticated data and imaging UAV systems to entry-level or single-use applications.
From our single-use autopilot (MP2x28xp) all the way up to our powerful VTOL autopilot (MP2128HELI3), MicroPilot provides a seamless upgrade path. No other autopilot manufacturer offers such adaptable technology or such a range of autopilot options at quantity pricing. Once you have learned how to work with one of our autopilots, you're ready to use them all. This makes MicroPilot the single-vendor solution for all your autopilot hardware, software, and accessory needs. This also positions you to grow and adapt at a fraction of the cost so that your newly developed UAVs can get in the air faster with better autopilot control.

Our latest autopilot has improved processing power as well as increased safety and reliability
MicroPilot's MP2128HELI3 is the first autopilot to use the 3rd generation processor and software. The form factor, connectors, and I/O ports will remain the same as MicroPilot's 2nd generation autopilots. This preserves compatibility and our customers' investment into the platform.
With an ARINC 653 partitioned RTOS certifiable up to DO-178C DAL A, the MP2128HELI3 autopilot is ready to meet the UAV industry's safety requirements.
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Incorporates all the functionality you need to fly both VTOL and fixed-wing UAVs in an ultra-small autopilot
Based on proven MicroPilot autopilot technology, it flies fixed-wing and heli UAVs. Upward-compatible with the MP2x28g2 series of autopilots. Includes Ublox 4 Hz GPS module and compass module. Supports fully autonomous flight from takeoff to landing.
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Comparable in size to the MP2028g2 but with 50 times the processing power
Offering upward compatibility with the popular MP2x28g2, MicroPilot's MP2128g2 provides a 50-fold increase in processor power, double the memory, and twice the input/output channels. The MP2128g2 is MicroPilot's premium autopilot and the autopilot of choice for your high-performance miniature UAV.
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The autopilot that will take your miniature UAV from vision to reality
The MP2028g2 established a new benchmark for lightweight UAV autopilots. Weighing only 28 grams, including all sensors and a GPS receiver, this UAV autopilot is the smallest in the world. With a proven track record, the MP2028g2 packs everything you need into one powerful UAV autopilot.
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Bringing MP2028g2 performance to the entry-level UAV operator
The MP1028g2 is the lowest-cost member of the MicroPilot family of UAV autopilots. With the same small size and weight as the MP2028g2, the MP1028g2 offers all of the reliability and the most important features of the MP2028g2. The MP1028g2 autopilot is suitable for entry-level UAV applications where cost is the overriding consideration.
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