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MicroPilot Releases HORIZONmp Ground Control Software

April 28, 2003

In the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market, MicroPilot is quickly gaining an international reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of miniature UAV autopilots. Building on this reputation, MicroPilot is pleased to introduce a new version of its ground control software, called the HORIZONmp that is included with its world class MP2000 autopilot.

About the MicroPilot MP2000 Autopilot
The MP2000 is a low cost integrated autopilot that is small enough to fly 2 pound UAVs, yet offers many capabilities normally found on much larger autopilots. The MP2000 offers GPS navigation, airspeed hold, and altitude hold. Plus, it has many advanced features such as autonomous take off and landing, data logging, user defined error handling and recovery, and a highly functional command buffer.

The HORIZONmp ground control software is included with the MP2000 and offers a user friendly point and click interface. Developed by MicroPilot specifically for the MP2000, the HORIZONmp runs on a Windows computer or laptop. The HORIZONmp allows the operator to monitor the MP2000, change waypoints, upload new flight plans, initiate holding patterns and adjust feedback loop gains all while the UAV is flying. The HORIZONmp ground control software is:

The HORIZONmp allows both the UAV developer and the end-user to access critical information in real-time. Up to eight user-defined sensors can be configured and displayed in three formats:

  • Current Sensor values are displayed in an easy to read gauge format. Warning and danger levels can be set for each gauge.
  • The Strip Chart graphs sensor variations over time.
  • The Trace Route displays sensor data variations along the UAV's flight path.

As well, data from the MP2000 is also recorded for post-flight analysis.

The HORIZONmp offers superior configurability for the UAV developer:

  • User configurable payload buttons and sliders initiate holding patterns and control servos.
  • Supports multiple laptop screen resolutions.
  • Features can be enabled or disabled according to the application and user requirements.

The HORIZONmp accommodates both the end-user and the UAV developer.

User Friendly
The HORIZONmp is specifically designed for ease of use:

  • Point and click waypoint editor / mission planner.
  • Mission simulator for testing and training purposes.
  • User definable units (Imperial / Metric).
  • RPV mode overrides navigation for more flexible reconnaissance.
  • User friendly ergonomic layout.
  • Large map area.
  • Extensive online help and tool tips.

The combination of the mission simulator and user-friendly design will accelerate the learning curve for the UAV developer and simplify roll-out to the end user.

The HORIZONmp is a proven, capable and effective tool:

  • Inflight mission reprogramming.
  • Joystick interface.
  • Inflight gain adjustment.
  • Multiple UAV profiles.
  • Communication options support a wide range of radio modems.
  • User definable holding patterns.
  • Target altitude and speed can be changed in flight.

The combination of the MP2000 and the HORIZONmp speeds your development time and gets your UAV off the ground quickly and with minimum risk. Together the MP2000 and the HORIZONmp give your UAV the capabilities it needs to exceed all expectations.

The HORIZONmp ground control software is an informative, configurable, user friendly and capable tool. The combination of the MP2000 and the HORIZONmp will get UAV projects off the concept page and into the air -- autonomously.

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