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The MP2x28g Successfully Flies UAV Over Amsterdam

July 5, 2004

In a historic flight, being touted as the first UAV to fly in the crowded airspace of a major western European city, the Birdeye 500 demonstrated its low level surveillance capability over Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The 5 kilogram electric Birdeye developed by Israel Aircraft Industries-Malat uses a MicroPilot MP2028gautopilot for navigation. The Birdeye with an endurance of one hour is equipped with a zoom-capable, 850-gram, daylight colour video camera that is interchangeable with an infrared sensor for night surveillance.

The demonstration was organized by the Dutch distributor (Condor UAV) for the Amsterdam metropolitan police. The flight was performed at an altitude at 500 feet and a speed of 40 knots. The aircraft inspected railways tracks, passenger terminals for the ocean liners and had to manoeuvre between lamp posts before landing safely.

Howard Loewen, President of MicroPilot stated:

"The MP2028gautopilot performed flawlessly and MicroPilot is proud to be an integral part of the Birdeye. This test flight makes a point to the world that mini-UAVs are safe, from police to farmers and countless other applications."

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