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NASA Flies with MicroPilot

July 15, 2008

NASA's propeller and jet powered versions of the Flying Controls Testbed (FLiC / J-FLiC) successfully completed another round of flight tests at the Naval Outlying Field (NOLF) Webster Field, MD. Twenty- five flights were completed over a three day period from June 24th through June 26th. This round of flight tests included stall recovery, manual and autopilot emergency procedures, and experimental controller engagement. Data from earlier tests used to update the table lookups for airspeed control was verified and additional flights were conducted at speeds up to 140 kts for additional autopilot speed control validation on the jet. In addition, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests were performed between FLiC/J-FLiC and the NAWCAD's Aerostar UAV. Simultaneous operation of both Aerostar and J-FLiC were performed, with coordination of the exclusive use airspace in R4005 coordinated by the Mission Commander and the airfield tower. Both the propeller and jet versions of the Flying Controls Testbed (FLiC / J-FLiC) are equipped with MicroPilot autopilots and supported by Subsonic Fixed Wing's Experimental Capabilities.

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