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MicroPilot Partners with BAI Aerosystems on the Snake Eye

February 12, 2003

Imagine a 7 pound plane with a 48 inch wing span that can be assembled in less than 10 minutes, launched like a sling-shot, fly autonomous, plus is compact enough to fit in a backpack. Is this a gadget from a Hollywood movie…no it is the Snake Eye.

The Snake Eye
The Snake Eye is a fully autonomous back-packable electric UAV developed by BAI Aerosystems. Based in Maryland, BAI is a well-known manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) producing air vehicles, launchers, day/night payloads with laser rangefinders, and flight services to defense and commercial UAV users located around the world.

BAI’s latest project, the Snake Eye was developed in partnership with Manitoba based MicroPilot and Northrop Grumman PRB Systems. The Snake Eye incorporates the MicroPilot MP2000 autopilot to fly autonomously from take off through landing and uses Northrop Grumman PRB Systems mission planning software. The Snake Eye also features an infrared nose payload, forward and side cameras, and a remote video terminal. The Snake Eye can fly for 55 minutes and has a six mile range.

In total 40 Snake Eyes have been delivered and have logged several hundred flights to date. The Snake Eye is the first back-packable UAV to reach series production and applications for the Snake Eye include homeland defense, area surveillance, force protection and nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) detection.

Richard Bernstein, President, BAI Aerosystems commented on teaming up with MicroPilot:

"MicroPilot has been invaluable in making the Snake Eye UAV the success that it is and our customers echo this thought. It truly makes us proud that MicroPilot has been part of BAI’s team. We believe our joint efforts will help make the Snake Eye establish a standard for small UAVs, and we look forward to collaborating with MicroPilot on future programs."

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