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SCRAB Aerial Target goes into Production
Using a MicroPilot Autopilot

September 30, 2003

Based in Madrid Spain, Sistemas de Control Remoto, S.L. (SCR), has signed a contract with the Spanish Army, to deliver 12 production units of its turbine powered target, called the SCRAB.

The SCRAB is a turbine powered aerial jet target that flies at a subsonic speed, options include, smoke generator, IR flares, laser reflective strips and radar augmentor lenses. The Spanish Army evaluated the SCRAB target last year during a real fire exercise of the Mistral ground-to-air missile. Its high speed, capability of fully autonomous flight and man-machine user interface, makes the SCRAB a very competitive product.

With respect to the flight control system, the SCRAB uses an autopilot produced by MicroPilot. Dave Wakeman, MicroPilot Business Development Manager stated:

"MicroPilot is pleased to be an integral part of the success of SCRAB. Furthermore our autopilot performed flawlessly and aerial targets are another important market for us.”

The Spanish Navy has also approved SCRAB, and is currently preparing a contract to be signed by the end of 2003.

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