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Frequently Asked Questions



How long does it take to install and setup an MP2x28g?
This depends upon the complexity of the installation. A typical installation involves five key steps:
  • Physically install the MP2x28g and connect the servos, batteries and RC receiver;
  • Set the servo directions, zeros and throws
  • Set the flight parameters such as cruise/climb speed
  • Perform a post installation checkout
  • Test fly the MP2x28g and adjust the gains
The largest variable is the learning curve. The installation and setup can be done in as little as one week by someone experienced with our autopilots.
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I have a pan and tilt camera where the pan/tilt mechanism is controlled by standard RC servos. Can an MP2x28/MP2128 control my camera?
Yes our autopilots can control a servo based camera. You can connect it to any of the autopilot's unused servo outputs and you can configure a joystick on the Horizon GCS to control the camera. In addition, the autopilot can stabilize the camera by using its gyros and transforming their rate outputs into the camera's coordinates. Our autopilots can also keep a camera pointed at a specified location on the ground.
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Why should I choose an MP2128 over an MP2x28?
The major advantage of the MP2128 over the MP2x28 is that the MP2128 has over twenty times as much processing power as the MP2x28 and twice as many input/output pins. If you chose the MP2x28 you will not be able to use all of the features at the same time. For example the camera pointing features and user defined telemetry cannot be enabled at the same time. Most of our current development efforts also focus on the MP2128 and as time goes on the number of features offered on the MP2128 but not available on the MP2x28 will grow.
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Can I easily copy my gains and other settings from one autopilot to another?
Horizon allows you to retrieve the settings from an autopilot and save them in a file on your computer. You can then transmit this settings file to another autopilot.
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Can I lock the settings in my autopilot to prevent my customers from changing them and so that I can protect them from being copied?
Both the MP2x28 and MP2128 have a settings lock feature where you can program a passcode into the autopilot. Once this passcode is set the autopilot's settings cannot be changed and the autopilot's cannot be retrieved, viewed or modified.
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How can I ensure that my product is only used in the regions where I want it to be used?
All MicroPilot autopilots provide you with the ability to program a geofence. This geofence restricts the autopilots operation to a particular geographic area.
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Do you have a gyro stabilization mode?
There are a number of arcade modes available that allow you to control the aircrafts attitude from an RC transmitter or from a joystick connected to a laptop.
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Why do you sell the MP2x28 without an enclosure?
Enclosures are often unnecessary in a small UAV as the airframe acts as the enclosure. In a composite airframe, it is usually no extra effort to mold an enclosure into the airframe, saving both cost and weight.
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What are the advantages of a DC-to-DC converter versus a linear regulator?
A DC-to-DC converter takes a wider range of input voltages, generates less heat, and is more efficient than a linear regulator.
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Isn't 1,000 waypoints overkill?
It's surprising how quickly you can use up waypoints, especially if you have a fairly complex flight plan.
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What do you mean by "more than waypoints"?
MicroPilot autopilots are programmed with a script language that does much more than allow you to fly to individual waypoints. You can include commands that change the configuration of the UAV, build waypoints, perform simple arithmetic functions, repeat groups of waypoints, conditionally execute commands, wait until a condition is satisfied and much more.
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Why does the MP2x28g require a separate servo battery?
Servos draw a significant amount of current which can cause the output voltage of the battery to drop. If the battery is nearing its fully discharged state, this voltage drop can affect the MP2028g sensors and might even cause the MP2x28g to reset.
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How much weight does the MP2028g add to my model?
While the MP2028g weighs 28 grams, this does not include the weight of the wiring harness, GPS antenna, extra batteries, and the Servo expansion board. The total weight depends strongly upon these other components. The components that come with the MP2028g will provide for a total installed weight of about 100 grams (excluding batteries). It is possible to reduce this weight significantly by using lighter components.
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What type of radio modem should I use with my MP2x28g?
You should choose a radio modem that has adequate range and meets your local frequency allocation regulations. Ideally the modem should have an on air transmission rate of at least 9600 baud (although the MP2x28g can be set to work with a slower modem) and full-duplex. If the modem is not full-duplex, the MP2x28g and GCS can be set to recognize XON and XOFF characters. If you wish to transmit user defined telemetry or high speed joystick updates you should use a radio modem with an on air transmission rate of at least 19200 baud.
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What kind of RC gear is needed?
Any 5 channel RC transmitter and RC receiver will work along with standard RC servos. We also recommend using servos that respond to the 1 to 2ms 50 hz pulses. You should also be sure that if you are using a PCM system that at least the RC channel that switches between autopilot and manual flight mode can be set so that it defaults into autopilot mode. A receiver that simply holds the previous servo positions is not acceptable as you want the autopilot to take control once your UAV has flown out of range.
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Are Flaps, flaperons or ailerons required?
No. If you have rudder / elevator / throttle control, simply ignore the aileron and flap servo connections. It is also acceptable to have ailerons but no rudder and rudder but no ailerons.
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How accurate is the altimeter on the MP2x28g?
First of all, the altimeter is a temperature compensated absolute barometric instrument. This means that atmospheric pressure variations will be treated as altitude variations just like the altimeter in a small airplane. If you ignore altitude variations due to changes in barometric pressure then the system is accurate to better than 20 feet.
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What do you provide on your support website?
MicroPilot's support website includes the following items:
A list of common problems and their solutions
Manuals for all of our products
Downloads for both release and beta versions of Horizon and the autopilot software.
A list of known problems and the version numbers where they were fixed
Some software tools that you may find useful during your integration.
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