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XTENDERmp Training

You can send your software developer or team to the MicroPilot flight facility to work with one of our XTENDERmp experts to learn how to harness the power of the XTENDERmp Software Developer’s Kit. Through XTENDERmp, it is possible to implement alternate control laws, collect and display data from custom sensors and cameras. XTENDERmp training is two days at the MicroPilot flight facility.

XTENDERmp Coaching

This is a follow up to the XTENDERmp training, and the logical next stage for those who want to apply the power of XTENDERmp to develop their own custom applications. The coaching includes a workplace, along with the exclusive use of one of our XTENDERmp experts assigned to work with you on the actual development of your own custom application(s). Minimum coaching is two days and takes place at the MicroPilot flight facility.

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