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NASA jet makes inaugural flight at 2007 AUVSI trade show

December 10, 2007

The JFlic, a turbine-powered jet UAV designed for NASA by primary researcher Dr. Mark Motter, made its inaugural flight over Maryland's Webster Field at the annual AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) trade show in August.

The flight demo served to demonstrate NASA's high level of confidence in the JFlic, which employs MicroPilot's MP2x28gs autopilot, and represented the first flight ever of a turbine-powered UAV at the AUVSI event.

"The demo went extremely well," reported Dr. Motter. "We flew the flight script embodied in the fly file flawlessly, making passes down the runway starting at 750 feet at 90 kts, and ending with a pass at 500 feet going 160 kts. The performance of the 2x28 has been consistently spectacular."

The AUVSI, billed as the world's largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems community, stages flight demonstrations at its trade show every second year.

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