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MicroPilot Soars at the International European Conference on Unmanned Target Vehicles (UTV)

October 1, 2002

UTV 2002
On September 17-20th, 2002 the European Unmanned Vehicle Systems Association (EURO UVS) organized its second international conference and exhibition dedicated to air, ground, and naval target vehicle systems. This international event called, “UTV 2002” was also organized in cooperation with the Spanish national aeronautical research institute called Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aeroespacial (INTA) and The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). UTV 2002 was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Defence, as well as the Spanish Air Force, Army and Navy and coordinated with NATO and a number of European Ministries of Defence.

The conference portion took place in Seville with presentations by test and evaluation range authorities from Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain, UK and the USA. Additional briefings were given by the military targets offices (Air Force, Army, Navy) from a number of European countries, as well as Canada, South Africa and the USA.

The events hardware exhibition took place on September 19-20th, at the CEDEA Test Range, managed by INTA and located at Huelva, approximately 1 hour from Seville. During the two days, a number of aerial target flight demonstrations and static displays took place.

MicroPilot and UTV 2002
Of particular significance to MicroPilot is two clients using the MP2000 as its autopilot were showcased at UTV 2002:

Sistemas de Control Remoto (SCR)
Madrid, Spain
SCR produces the SCRAB that uses the MicroPilot MP2000 as its autopilot. The SCRAB is a turbine powered aerial jet target that flies at a subsonic speed and is used by the Spanish Navy in battleship exercises. The SCRAB options include, smoke generator, IR flares, laser reflective strips and radar augmentor lenses.

Instituto Nacional de Technica Aeroespacial (INTA)
Madrid, Spain
INTA has developed the ALBA, which is a lightweight propeller driven aerial target outfitted with four IR Flares and four Smoke Flares per flight (mounted on external pods) that can be ignited simultaneously or in a free sequence. In collaboration, between INTA and SCR, the ALBA is being retrofitted by SCR to include the MP2000 as its autopilot.

MicroPilot’s Growing International Reputation
Dave Wakeman, Business Development Manager, MicroPilot stated:

"Being at UTV 2002, helps build MicroPilot’s reputation as world leader in R & D and the manufacturing of miniature autopilots.”

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