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Our History
Our History

In 2003, MicroPilot introduced the lightest weighing autopilot the UAV market had ever seen. At 28 grams, this autopilot includes three sensors and a GPS receiver. A year later, MicroPilot introduced its software developer's kit, XTENDERmp, which is the first of its kind. With this kit, developers customize their autopilots to control custom payloads and collect data from custom sensors.

Additionally, in 2007, MicroPilot produced the first UAV autopilot specifically for helicopters. A few other firsts include trueHWIL (2008), MP21283X (2010), and XTENDERvalidate (2013). trueHWIL sets itself apart from other UAV simulators because it is the first system to electronically simulate sensors. The MP21283X is unique because it provides triple redundancy for all components. This highly dependable autopilot combines three MicroPilot autopilots into one system. Finally, XTENDERvalidate is the first design life-cycle tool to allow UAV manufactures to build and track all aspects of UAV development.

  Howard Loewen - MicroPilot Founder