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MicroPilot is the choice of over 850 clients in 70 countries

MicroPilot autopilots compatible with Lockheed Martin’s mGCS    
June 1, 2017    

Silent Falcon and MicroPilot succeed at NASA’s UTM 2016   MicroPilot-lead Consortium labelled by ITEA
October 20, 2016   April 21, 2016
MicroPilot Selects Spirent GNSS Simulators to Enhance   MicroPilot Now Supports UgCS Ground Control Software
Autopilot Positioning Systems   April 5, 2016
April 19, 2016    

Trimble UX5 Auto-Piloted by MicroPilot   Merrill UAS Auto-Piloted by MicroPilot Gains
is Granted FAA Exemption   Experimental Airworthiness Certification in US
January 5, 2015   January 5, 2015

MicroPilot Upgrades Drone Autopilots   MicroPilot’s Premiere Autopilot MP2128g2 Now Flies
December 6, 2014   Multi-Rotors Drones
    October 29, 2014
MicroPilot Flies Successful Mapping Mission    
Over Antarctic    
October 29, 2014    

IDETEC Unmanned Systems Reports Success with    
MicroPilot Autopilot Solution    
September 15, 2013    

Design Life Cycle Made Easy with XTENDERvalidate   MicroPilot Now Integrates with Mathworks Products
August 7, 2012   July 15, 2012
MicroPilot Autopilot Featured at the World’s Largest Land   MicroPilot Announces Improved LRC Enclosed UAV
Defense and Security Tradeshow   Autopilot
July 10, 2012   June 15, 2012
MicroPilot announces an attractive new price for it's   MicroPilot Horizontrainer Produces Smarter,
MP2028g   Stronger, and Safer UAV Operators
March 17, 2012   February 5, 2012
MicroPilot Recipient of 2011 Unmanned Systems Canada   MicroPilot Completes Building Expansion
Organizational - Award   June 13, 2011
November 10, 2011    
MicroPilot Rolls Out its Next Generation Board-Level   MicroPilot Launches New Business Development Initiative
Autopilot, the MP2128g   May 15, 2011
May 17, 2011    
Aerospace Sciences School Depends on MicroPilot    
Ground Control Solution for Instruction    
March 5, 2011    
MicroPilot Launches the First Commercially Available   InnUVative Systems to Integrate MicroPilot Autopilot into
Triple-Redundancy UAV Autopilot   STANAG 4586-compliant 4CE Control Station
November 10, 2010   November 1, 2010
MicroPilot’s Expansion Project Will Increase Production   MicroPilot’s trueHWILmp Offers Superior On-the-Ground
and Workshop Space by More than 250%   Validation for Unmanned Helicopter Autopilots
October 25, 2010   September 1, 2010
MicroPilot 2128g UAV Autopilot Flies at Farnborough   MicroPilot slashes the price of the MP1028g to $1500 USD.
International Airshow 2010   May 2010
September 1, 2010    
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