MicroPilot - World Leader in Professional UAS Autopilots
World Leader in Professional UAV Autopilots


MicroPilot advertises all positions on Indeed so if you are interested in working for MicroPilot, please follow us on Indeed. MicroPilot offers a challenging work environment in an exciting industry. All candidates must be legally eligible to work in Canada, possess a valid driver’s license and a vehicle as public transportation is not available. Some of the jobs at MicroPilot are described below.
MicroPilot is an equal opportunity employer.
Members of our Software Development team should have a working knowledge of C/C++ and be eager to work in a fast-paced development environment. Strong software testing knowledge is an asset as well as the ability to quickly learn new technologies and solve difficult problems.
Members of our Hardware Development team should know the latest in IC design and debugging and possess the capability to bring a project from the requirements stage to completion.
Candidates are required to have at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science.
Support is responsible for:
  • Communicating with customers to solve product issues
  • Building prototypes
  • Testing hardware and software
  • Providing feedback from tests and adding suggestions for improvement
  • Finding bugs in software
Candidates should have a diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution, strong computer and written skills; working knowledge of C/C++ and radio control are assets.
Sales is responsible for:
  • Developing MicroPilot’s worldwide sales
  • Building and managing customer relationships
  • Responding to prospect enquires of RFPs and RFQs
  • Work with prospect requirements and proposing effective solutions
  • Representing the company at tradeshows and other events
Candidates should have a diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution, strong computer and written skills, effective interpersonal skills, an understanding of technology based products and a desire to travel. A second language is an asset but not required.
Production is responsible for:
  • Soldering electronic components onto PCB
  • Changing software and hardware for RMA boards
  • Loading UAV autopilots into chambers for environmental, angle and vibration tests
  • Making custom harnesses and wires for specific hardware
  • Testing harnesses and wires for quality control
  • Perform other assigned duties occasionally
Candidates should have a high school diploma; knowledge of RC is an asset. Knowledge of basic electronics and Microsoft Office is essential
Admin is responsible for:
  • Preparing job postings for new positions, conduct interviews, follow up with references
  • Monitoring inventory and ordering materials
  • Filing export permits
  • Submitting payment to vendors
  • Shipping goods to customers and receiving purchases
  • Paperwork for received shipments and scanning invoices and documents
  • Tracking vacation and sick days
Candidates should have a high school diploma (post-secondary education an asset), be proficient in Microsoft Office, and have experience in an office setting.