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World Leader in Professional UAV Autopilots

Accelerate Your UAV Program at the MicroPilot UAV Flight Facility

December 15, 2004

The MicroPilot UAV Flight Facility is situated on 40 acres of flat prairie and located only 10 minutes north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Facility is ideally suited for comprehensive training along with integration and flight testing of your airframe. Advantages:

  • MicroPilot head office, production, Research & Development and flight testing all at one site
  • Established north/south and east/west runways
  • Flight Support Building complete with workshop located at runways
  • Private test area with controlled access for security
  • Blanket Government Issued Special Flight Operation Certificate covers a wide range of UAV operations

The MicroPilot UAV Flight Facility eliminates wasted time traveling to and from a test site everyday for maximum flight time. Another advantage is having access to the entire MicroPilot Team. So if a question arises, you have the support of a hardware developer, test pilot, or software developer right at your fingertips. Go through your test flight program FASTER. Get to the marketplace SOONER.

Lisa Shaw
Director of Communications
Phone: 204 344 5558 ext. 230
Cell: 204 510-2942
Email: lshaw@micropilot.com

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