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MicroPilot's Autopilot Systems Successfully Integrated with CONTROP's STAMP Stabilized Miniature Payloads

July 1, 2008

MicroPilot and CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd are proud to announce the successful integration of MicroPilot’s line of autopilot systems with CONTROP’s STAMP Stabilized Miniature Payloads launched at AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America 2008.

CONTROP is the manufacturer of a unique line of small gyro- stabilized payloads for SUAVs – the STAMP Payloads. The STAMP Payloads are miniature, lightweight, electro-optical, stabilized, airborne sensors which provide small UAVs with the image quality of large UAV payloads, by day and by night.

The STAMP Payloads are successfully flying on a variety of different mini-UAVs worldwide. They are now integrated with the MicroPilot autopilots to provide an optimally compatible system for complete customer ease and satisfaction.

With 500 clients in 60 countries, MicroPilot is world leader in miniature autopilots for UAV’s and MAV’s. Weighing 28 grams MicroPilot offers a full line of UAV autopilots, accessories, customization, HORIZON ground control software and training at our 40 acre flight facility. Our low cost MP2128HELI flies helicopters, VTOL and fixed wing. For triple redundancy, MP2128HELI3x for helicopters and MP2x283x for fixed wing. Just released MP-trueHWIL Matlab-based hardware in the loop electrically simulates all sensors, providing the highest fidelity autopilot simulation available. Newest product is SimView Mission Training Software. This feature allows you to conduct Ab Initio training for payload operators.

For integrated autopilot and stabilized miniature payloads, MicroPilot and Controp offer the perfect solution for your UAV.

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Lori Erich
Export, Marketing & Communication
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