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Dragonfly Pictures, Inc. (DPI) was founded in 1992 by Michael W. Piasecki to design, develop, and supply unmanned rotary winged vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aerial platforms for photography and time critical IMage INTelligence (IMINT) needs. Visit their website

Bertin Hovereye EX  
Bertin Technologies, a French-based, multi-discipline company, provides defense and security expertise to international clients in the areas of nuclear deterrence, surface-to-air combat, and chemical/biological warfare response. Among its many products are observation UAVs. Visit their website

HELICAMPRO is an Italian UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) manufacturer, specializing in helicopter drones that fly completely autonomously – from takeoff to landing. HELICAMPRO’s systems are extremely versatile and designed for a variety of missions, including transportation and collecting maintenance information from structures at predefined points in three dimensional space. A wide variety of cameras and sensors appropriate for specific applications can be flown anywhere, even in areas inaccessible by conventional helicopters. HELICAMPRO’s autonomous helicopters are professionally designed and manufactured using the highest grade components. They are not adaptations of hobby grade helicopters. Visit their website

NGF Geomatics provides aerial data collection technology for industries that require high quality aerial data, including agriculture, forestry and oil and gas. Our RENEGADE UAV is designed to cater to applications of specific and targeted survey areas where the use of manned aircraft systems is cost prohibitive. The system is designed for rapid mobilizations, with the majority of data acquisition flight operations taking place in remote areas. NGF uses use two principal payload technologies: LiDAR and RGB imagery used by the oil, gas and forestry industries and a multispectral and thermal IR payload used by the agriculture industry. Visit their website