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MicroPilot Launches HORIZONCLOUD Flight Log Collection System

MicroPilot has launched HORIZONCLOUD, an online cloud service that collects, consolidates, and stores UAV flight data for the benefit of MicroPilot customers.

December 30, 2018 – Stony Mountain, Canada – Monitoring a UAV over its entire useful life is a challenge for both UAV manufacturers and operators. Keeping track of the various data files produced by UAVs flying over the world is also challenging. Manually tracking and collecting flight logs and all the other files produced by an operational UAV is error prone and prohibitively time consuming. HORIZONCLOUD solves this problem by automatically collecting these files in a centralized database and making them easily accessible to UAV manufacturers and UAV operators.

HORIZONCLOUD is an opt-in cloud service for collecting, processing, and storing of flight-related logs generated by MicroPilot’s HORIZONmp GCS and autopilots. HORIZONCLOUD establishes service history by collecting datalogs to determine overall autopilot operation time.

“UAVs create a tremendous amount of data.” Says Howard Loewen, President of MicroPilot. “ HORIZONCLOUD is an essential tool to help our customers manage this data both during product development and once their systems are in their customer's hands.”

HORIZONCLOUD is part of an expanding set of online services created to better manage MicroPilot’s customer information. MicroPilot continues to create and innovate new services to further the development of UAVs and UAV infrastructure for the future.

About MicroPilot

Started in 1994, MicroPilot is the world leader in professional autopilots for UAVs and drones. MicroPilot is an ISO 9001 certified autopilot manufacturer that markets single-board autopilots, enclosed autopilots, and a triple redundant autopilot. MicroPilot offers a family of lightweight UAV autopilots that can fly fixed wing, transitional, helicopter, and multirotor UAVs. MicroPilot also provides complementary products such as the XTENDERmp, SDK, and trueHWIL2. MicroPilot autopilots have been purchased by more than 1,500 customers in 100 countries.

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