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MicroPilot's XTENDER SDK Supports NVIDIA's Jetson Supercomputer

MicroPilot’s XTENDERmp software development kit now features support for NVIDIA’s Jetson series supercomputers.

April 23, 2018 – Stony Mountain, Canada – Companies are always looking for ways to differentiate their products from the competition and fulfill the needs of their customers. MicroPilot’s XTENDERmp software development kit (SDK) provides one avenue for drone manufacturers to customize their drones to better suite their customer’s needs. XTENDERmp now provides yet another way for manufacturers to differentiate their products, with support for NVIDIA’s Jetson supercomputers.

NVIDIA’s Jetson series supercomputers will enable unmanned drones to process and interpret visual information at a much faster rate than more conventional hardware. With the ability to process more detailed information more quickly, this would give a drone more capabilities, enabling it to conduct more complex tasks and navigate its environment more confidently.

“NVIDIA's Jetson provides an AI powerhouse at a size and weight that is perfect for today's most advanced drones,” Says Howard Loewen, President of MicroPilot. “We're excited to see the innovative uses our customers will find for the Jetson and our autopilots.”

MicroPilot’s XTENDERmp software development kit allows customers to customize their drone by inserting their own code to run alongside MicroPilot’s autopilot software. It is also possible for customers to design their own user interface maximizing their ability to control their product’s branding as well as optimize its functionality for their particular niche. This customization helps to differentiate their products and fulfill the needs of their own customers.

With MicroPilot’s XTENDERmp SDK supporting NVIDIA’s Jetson, customers will have more options for creating their own unique products than ever before. Combining the power and capability of the Jetson supercomputers, the customizability provided by XTENDERmp and the reliability and precision of MicroPilot’s family of professional drone autopilots, MicroPilot’s customers can now create truly innovative platforms.

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Started in 1994, MicroPilot is the world leader in professional autopilots for UAVs and drones. MicroPilot is an ISO 9001 certified autopilot manufacturer that markets single-board autopilots, enclosed autopilots, and a triple redundant autopilot. MicroPilot offers a family of lightweight UAV autopilots that can fly fixed wing, transitional, helicopter, and multirotor UAVs. MicroPilot also provides complementary products such as the XTENDERmp, SDK, and trueHWIL2. MicroPilot autopilots have been purchased by more than 1000 customers in 85 countries.

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