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CropCam is for the birds!

Three years ago, while working on his Master’s Degree, Dominique Chabot ,and his advisor, Professor David M. Bird, started investigating the possibility of using small UAVs to study wildlife populations in Canada. For their two year study, they selected MicroPilot’s CropCam UAV for its affordability and ease of use. Previously, neither Dominique nor Dr. Bird had any experience with UAVs.

Dominique Chabot is a PhD student in Wildlife Biology at McGill University’s McDonald campus in Sainte Anne de Bellevue in Quebec. The first project was surveys of wild migratory geese flocks in Eastern Canada, specifically the Canada goose (Branta canadensis) and the snow goose (Chen caerulescens). Later on, he also experimented in surveying captive mammals, black bears, woodland caribous, and grey wolves.

Dominique identified key advantages of using the CropCam UAV:

  • Affordability
  • Reliable autopilot performance
  • Absence of reactions from animals to the UAV flying overhead
  • Easy transportation
  • Dominique’s work has not gone unnoticed even outside his natural field of study. Last November, Dominique presented a “Student Paper” at the UVS Canada’s annual convention in Victoria B.C. Started by UVS Canada in 2003, the Student Paper competition is open to all Canadian university students. To date, winners have been, understandably, exclusively engineering students. The uniqueness and exceptional quality of Dominique’s work was recognized by the judges who awarded him the top prize, a trip to Paris to present his work at the UVS International convention. Recently the Quebec Farmer’s Advocate published an article on the achievements of Dominique and Dr. Bird.

    Because of his earlier successes, and as part of his Ph.D., Dominique plans to further explore the use of UAVs as a research tool to gather new and hard to obtain data on wildlife.

    CropCam, a wholly owned subsidiary of MicroPilot, specialises in low cost easy to use UAVs for agriculture and other users in need of timely aerial photography.

    Pierre Pepin
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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