MicroPilot - World Leader in Professional UAS Autopilots
World Leader in Professional UAV Autopilots
Operator Oriented
A powerful, easy to use interface lets UAV operators command their UAV with the click of a mouse.

  • Point and click waypoint editor allows UAV operators to easily plan a flight.
  • In-flight or pre-flight waypoint upload allows maximum flexibility.
  • Drag and Drop Waypoint Change allows UAV operators to modify a waypoint.
  • Points of interest are marked with a simple push button so your UAV operators can easily record locations for future reference.
  • Multiple recovery locations give your UAV operators flexibility to adjust to conditions.
  • LAT/LON, UTM and MGRS coordinates – whichever is most convenient.
  • Online, context-sensitive help provides the information your UAV operators need to understand HORIZONmp.
  • Go here feature sends UAV to a location just by clicking on the map.
  • Multiple user defined rulers lets your UAV operators easily measure map distances.

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Operator Oriented
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