MicroPilot - World Leader in Professional UAS Autopilots
World Leader in Professional UAV Autopilots
Safety First
MicroPilot’s HORIZONmp Ground Control Station Software has the features you need to operate safe, repeatable missions.

  • Map annotation and user definable no-fly zones let your UAV operators add the information they need to their maps.
  • Digital Terrain Data Ready: take advantage of Digital Elevation to simplify operation.
  • Safe Terrain Range Displayed on Map so your UAV operators can tell where to fly.
  • Safe Comm. Range and Safe Terrain range on Map reduces UAV operator workload.
  • Terrain look helps prevents terrain conflicts.
  • No-Fly Zone look ahead warns users before they violate a no-fly zone.
  • Comm Link out of range look ahead helps prevent loss of link.
  • Integrated software in the loop simulator provides a training mode: available at the push of a button
  • Automatic safe return home altitude maximizes your ability to recover your UAV in the event of a loss of communications.

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Safety First
Operator Oriented
GCS Aware
Multi-UAV Support
Integrator Friendly
Advanced Simulation
Video Friendly
Video Friendly
Advance Joystick Support
Error Monitor
Sensor Monitor
Launch & Recovery Monitor
Waypoint Import
Waypoint Grid Generator
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