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World Leader in Professional UAV Autopilots
Video Friendly
Video integration was no afterthought when HORIZONmp was created. Tightly coupled video integration will let your UAV operators take full advantage of your UAV’s video stream.

  • Fly-by Camera, Orbit by Camera and any speed follow me let your UAV operators focus on the video.
  • Capture geo-referenced Video Clips and Still images marked on HORIZONmp’s map so you can retrieve them later for analysis.
  • MPEG-4 compression video file minimizes disk space.
  • Video annotation – free hand drawing, text or User Defined icons allows UAV operators to highlight important features.
  • User defined Video overlay (includes on/off toggle) gives UAV operators the information they need without taking their eyes off the video window.
  • Video Image Rotation assists UAV operators when maintaining spatial orientation
  • Multiple pan tilt gimbal schemes ensure that your UAV is supported.
  • Geo-Referenced Video Center and Mouse Location so UAV operators always know where they are looking.

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