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Advanced Joystick Support
A joystick is an important user interface for any Ground Control Station. HORIZONmp’s joystick support provides the payload control functionality you need.

  • supports multiple joysticks for complex payloads
  • programmable update rate allows you to optimize communications bandwidth.
  • dual rates and exponential available independently on each axis allows flexible payload control
  • Joystick mouse control keeps UAV operator’s hands on the joystick.
  • four servo presets quickly sends your payload to a predefined position.
  • adjustable trims on each channel enhances UAV operator ease of use.
  • Push button trim or POV trim allows flexibility in how trim is implemented.
  • 16 configurable buttons per joystick keeps key functions at the push of a button.
  • Operations available on each joystick button include: engage pattern; start thread; toggle preset; toggle RPV Mode; toggle Arcade Mode; toggle autopilot field; adjust channel trim; toggle dual rate; Switch UAV; Toggle Mouse Control; Mouse button left; Mouse button right

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