MicroPilot - World Leader in Professional UAS Autopilots
World Leader in Professional UAV Autopilots
A Family of UAV Autopilots
MicroPilot’s small UAV product offering spans a range of product from our board level autopilots to enclosed autopilots to our soon to be introduced triple redundant autopilot. No matter what your customer’s require be it a fixed wing UAV, a helicopter UAV, a Para foil UAV, a blimp, a VTOL UAV or even a land based autonomous vehicle, MicroPilot has a solution for you.

  • Board level autopilots for the smallest micro UAVs and fully integrated LRC autopilots for the most complex UAVs.
  • Fixed wing and Heli autopilots, board level and highly integrated autopilots – one learning curve and you know them all.
  • All software is easily field upgradeable
  • RC override, fly by datalink or redundant fly-by-datalink
  • 150MIPs RISC processor allows future growth
  • High value MP1028 through High function MP2128 and redundant autopilots anticipate all of your market requirements.
  • Simple export controls classification lets you tap into the world market.

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A family of UAV Autopilots
Your reliable UAV Autopilots
Your reliable UAV Partner
OEM Features
Superior Technical Support
Superior Heli Support
Flexible Fight Mgmt Settings
Flexible Servo Settings
Flexible Control
Open Architecture
Fully Autonomous
Video Ready
More than just Waypoints
Fixed Wing Configuration Wizard
Heli Configuration Wizard
Datalog Wizard
Status Monitor
Vibration Analyzer
Configuration Test
ADC Calibration
Additional Integration Tools