MicroPilot - World Leader in Professional UAS Autopilots
World Leader in Professional UAV Autopilots
More than just Waypoints
As UAVs are deployed to handle ever increasingly complex tasks, it is important that your UAV autopilot have the flexibility to handle the requirements of the task at hand. MicroPilot UAV autopilots allow you to specify much more than a list of waypoints. Complex commands, conditional statements, assignment and basic math commands are all available in addition to waypoints.

  • Powerful scripting language allows to tailor the autopilots operation to suite your needs
  • Supports relative and absolute coordinates
  • Feature lockout disables features during critical flight regimes.
  • Multi-threaded command buffer
  • Launch and recovery: takeoff, approach, circuit, flare.
  • Navigation: climb, waitClimb, flyTo, fromTo, turn, circle, setControl, setOrigin.
  • Calculation: push, pop, add, sub, div, mult, assign.
  • Pattern: startPattern, definePattern, int, return, wake,
  • Control: repeat, stop, skipEqual, skipNotEqual, skipGreaterThan, skipLessThan
  • Wait: wait, waitEqual, waitNotEqual, waitGreaterThan, waitLessThan.
  • Define up to 16 holding patterns – circles, figure 8, racetrack - whatever you require

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