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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the XTENDERmp allow me to change the Horizon or the MP2x28g/MP2128g?
XTENDERmp allows you to write software that runs on your PC and talks to the autopilot at the same time as HORIZONmp. It also allows you to write a complete ground control station or interface to an existing ground control station.
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Does XTENDERmp include examples?
Yes, XTENDERmp contains source code for four example programs.
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Does XTENDERmp include source code for the HORIZONmp?
No, XTENDERmp does not include source code for HORIZONmp. It does, however, contain source code for a simple GCS.
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What does the MP2x28g XTENDERmp kit include?
XTENDERmp includes libraries, DLLs, and example programs that can be used to speed the development of a custom GCS to suit your specific application. In addition, using these DLLs, you can develop custom software that can talk to the MP2028 at the same time as the HORIZONmp GCS (e.g. if you had a custom payload that you wished to control). In addition, XTENDERmp will also allow you to load your own custom software onto the MP2028g. This software runs at the same time as the MP2x28g and can be used to replace existing feedback loops and control unused I/O pins on the autopilot. The DLLs can be used with any Windows development environment such as Microsoft's Visual Basic and Visual C++. XTENDERmp also includes an MP2028g simulator that allows you to test your GCS software without having to fly a plane.
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What do I get with XTENDERmp?
You receive the following items with EXTENDERmp:
Background debugger and cable
Example code
One set of manuals
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Are there royalties for software written with XTENDERmp?
There are no run-time royalties for software written with XTENDERmp, as long as your software uses a MicroPilot autopilot.
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What other operating systems will XTENDERmp work with?
There are versions of XTENDERmp for both Linux and Windows CE.
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What is an MP plug-in, and how would I use one?
An MP plug-in is software you write that runs on the autopilot. An MP plug-in allows you to modify the operation of the autopilot to better suit your needs. For example, you can add code that talks to devices on board your UAV (e.g., PTZ cameras), replace feedback loops, or replace sensors.
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What is a HORIZONMP plug-in and how would I use one?
A HORIZONmp plug-in is software that runs simultaneously with HORIZONmp, and provides you with the ability to provide functionality that is important to your application, but is not provided with the standard version of HORIZONmp.
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What happens to my MP plug-ins when you release a new version of the software?
The interface between the autopilot code and the MP plug-in code generally does not change between versions of the autopilot code. While it is prudent to re-test your MP plug-in as part of your upgrade process, your MP plug-in will almost certainly work unchanged with the new version of autopilot software.
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Is there a separate XTENDERmp for the MP2128 versus the MP2x28?
Yes. The 2x28 and 2128 use separate processors, so there is a separate XTENDERmp for each unit.
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How difficult is it to port an MP plug-in written for the MP2x28 to the MP2128g?
The answer depends on how much of the I/O you use on the autopilot's microcontroller. Since the MP2x28 and MP2128 use different microcontrollers, the I/O on each processor is different, so any code that uses the I/O on the microcontroller must be rewritten.
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Do I need to purchase any extra development tools?
No. XTENDERmp includes all development tools, including the appropriate compiler, debug program, and background debug mode cable.
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Which autopilots can use MP plug-ins?
All MicroPilot autopilots, with the exception of the MP1x28g, can use MP plug-ins. The MP2x28mp can also run MP plug-ins.
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Can I replace custom control laws with XTENDERmp?
Yes, you can. Each feedback loop can be replaced individually.
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Do I have access to the microcontroller's I/O pins?
Yes, you do, provided the MicroPilot autopilot is not using that particular I/O pin.
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Wouldn't it be better to supply source code for the autopilot and HORIZONmp?
The disadvantage of source code is that it can take a long time to understand how and where to make modifications. By providing predefined entry points for your code Xtender simplifies the process of modifying the autopilot code. As an added advantage, there is virtually no impact on your code when the time comes to upgrade to a newer version of the autopilot software. When you modify source code the upgrade process is labor intensive and error prone.
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Why is it important to have access to a product like the XTENDERmp?
There are two reasons why you might need XTENDERmp: The first is it give you the assurance that you can fulfill all of your product requirements. If there is a special payload you need, or special functionality you need in the autopilot to complete your mission, XTENDERmp gives you the ability to add this functionality to the standard MicroPilot autopilot. The second reason is it allows you to differentiate your UAV from others using MicroPilot autopilots. Using XTENDERmp, you can incorporate features into the autopilot that you know are going to be important to your customers and that will help your product stand out.
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