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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use MP plug-ins written with XTENDERmp on the MP1028g?
Can multiple 1028gs communicate with the HORIZONmp simultaneously?
Will the gains that I set on the MP2028g work with the MP1028g?
What are the differences between the MP1028g and the MP2028g?
What are the XTENDERMMP SDK programming limitations for the MP1028g?

Can I use MP plug-ins written with XTENDERmp on the MP1028g?
You can use HORIZONmp plug-ins, but you cannot use MP plug-ins.
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Can multiple 1028gs communicate with HORIZONmp simultaneously?
You cannot communicate with multiple MP1x28g autopilots via the same radio modem. You can, however, communicate with multiple MP2x28g autopilots provided you have multiple datalinks.
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Will the gains that I set on the MP2x28g work with the MP1x28g?
The MP2x28g is designed to be upward-compatible with the MP1x28g, so all of the gains will work.
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What are the differences between the MP1x28g and the MP2x28g?
For your information, we have provided a list of limitations applicable to the MP1x28g autopilot. These should be considered when reading the autopilot manual, which is written for MP2x28g users.
  • A maximum of eight servos can be connected
  • Elevons, flaperons, and four servo flap/aileron mixing modes are available; other mixing modes listed in the manual are not available on the 1x28g.
  • Helicopter mode is unavailable.
  • You cannot use an AGL with the MP1x28g.
  • You cannot use a compass with the MP1x28g.
  • The datalog size is limited to 100 KB. 
  • In-flight reprogramming is not possible (this includes dragging waypoints on HORIZONmps map); all programming must be done on the ground.
  • Target airspeed is limited to 150 kph.
  • The command buffer is limited to 50 commands. 
  • No threads are allowed in .fly files.
  • Automated landings are not possible; there is no approach or flare command.
  • The .fly file/command buffer will not accept advanced operations such skipGreaterThan, waitLessThan.
  • The 2nd and 3rd com ports are unavailable.
  • Camera control of the MP-Dayview/Nightview is unavailable, however
    • A servo-driven gimbal can be implemented if some of the eight servos are left free.
    • PPM control of the camera zoom is also possible if another servo is free.
  • Direct flight control by joystick is unavailable.
  • The UAV Name plug-in is not supported. (The autopilot UAV Name fields may be set manually)
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XTENDERmp SDK programming limitations for the MP1x28g
  • User code cannot be added to the autopilot.
  • You cannot program the 2nd and 3rd com ports.
  • The functions that servos control from plug-ins or a GCS is unavailable.
  • The modify commands are unavailable (e.g., to modify waypoints).
  • Branching from thread0 in a .fly file to a particular point is not possible.
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation is not possible.
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