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MicroPilot’s 3rd generation
autopilot comes with increased
safety, reliability, and processing power.


MicroPilot’s 3rd generation autopilot has improved processing power as well as increased safety and reliability. To achieve these goals, MicroPilot has incorporated a faster microprocessor that is also designed for safety critical applications.

MicroPilot's MP2128HELI3 is the first autopilot to use the 3rdgeneration processor and software. The form factor, connectors, and I/O ports will remain the same as MicroPilot’s 2nd generation autopilots. This preserves compatibility and our customers' investment into the platform.

  • Safety-critical microprocessor
  • Improved I/O
  • Improved sensors
  • ARINC 653 partitioned RTOS
  • Software and form-factor compatible with 2nd generation autopilot

With an ARINC 653 partitioned RTOS certifiable up to DO-178C DAL A, the MP2128HELI3 autopilot is ready to meet the UAV industry's safety requirements.

Simplified DO-178C certification as it separates software of different design assurance levels

  Hardware Improvements in MP2128HELI3:
  • Error correcting RAM, Flash and Cache protects against single bit upset
  • Ethernet support for more flexible communication
  • Improved gyros for a more accurate attitude estimate and better flight performance
  • Upgraded GNSS receiver supports more constellations and increased reliability
  • Improved temperature compensation increases airspeed accuracy
  • Almost triple the onboard flash memory allows longer data logs
  • Dual-core lock-step guarantees any processor errors are detected
  • Error-checking I/O ensures data integrity among chips
  • More serial ports with larger transmit and receive buffers supports higher baud rates
  • Floating point coprocessor for faster arithmetic operations
  • Does not use interrupts other than the on-chip timing interrupt. This makes it more reliable as interrupts can cause a failure if they occur too often
  • ARINC 653 Partitioned RTOS certifiable up to DO-178C DAL A
  • Tripled processor speed accommodates tomorrow’s algorithms