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MicroPilot's MP2128HELI3 is the first autopilot to use the 3rd generation processor and software. The form factor, connectors, and I/O ports remain the same as MicroPilot's 2nd generation autopilots. This preserves compatibility and our customers' investment into the platform. With an ARINC 653 partitioned RTOS certifiable up to DO-178C DAL A, the HELI3 autopilot is ready to meet the UAV industry's safety requirements.

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Develop high-level requirements and easily decompose them into appropriate lower level requirements with XTENDERvalidate, the world’s first available design life-cycle tool for UAVs.

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The MP21283X represents the logical next step in MicroPilot’s UAV autopilot family. MicroPilot has combined three of its premier MP2128g autopilots into the first commercially available triple redundant UAV autopilot. The MP21283X expands the envelope for MicroPilot’s base of existing UAV autopilot customers and gives the rest of the UAV community a compelling reason to look to MicroPilot for their future UAV autopilot requirements.

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MicroPilot’s true Hardware in the Loop (trueHWIL2) simulator provides the finest fidelity simulation available in the UAV industry. The trueHWIL2 electrically simulates all sensor values for full code coverage simulation. MicroPilot’s trueHWIL2 is far superior to the software-in-the-loop and quasi hardware-in-the-loop simulators offered by other UAV autopilot vendors.

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