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June 28, 2022
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sagetech Sagetech Avionics is an aerospace technology company empowering safe flight in crewed and uncrewed aircraft with certifiable situational awareness solutions. Currently serving military and civil duty on most small to medium UAVs, Sagetech solutions are mission-proven and offer decades of program experience, certifications, and millions of flight hours to deliver maximum value over the life of an unmanned platform. Today, Sagetech is expanding its technology platform to create comprehensive, certifiable systems such as detect and avoid solutions. Every day, Sagetech works in concert with its extensive ecosystem of OEM customers, technology partners, and resellers to ensure UAVs fly safer with Sagetech on board. Learn more at www.sagetech.com.

Webinar Description: ADS-B is a key technology allowing Air Traffic Control (ATC) airspace monitoring and identification of aircraft. During this presentation, our expert will provide you an overview of ADS-B, its benefits to airspace and pilots, and its key role in Detect and Avoid.

Speaker:Rudy Johnson, Director Technical Business Development

Speaker Biography: Rudy has over 20 years’ experience in avionics engineering and strategic technical business development of aviation communication, surveillance, and safety systems. As a Systems Engineer, Rudy developed, tested, and certified systems that enable safe and efficient fight such as TCAS II/ACAS X, terrain avoidance, transponder, and ADS-B systems. Building on this expertise, Rudy has been focusing on emerging technologies that enable Advanced Air Mobility, Urban Air Mobility, BVLOS operations, autonomy, and other innovative emerging markets.

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micropilot Since 1994, MicroPilot has been the world leader in professional UAV autopilots with more than 1,500 clients in over 100 countries. For 27 years, MicroPilot has focused on UAV autopilots and provides UAV autopilots, accessories, ground control station software, simulators and integration support services to UAV manufacturers. MicroPilot autopilots fly a wide range of RPAS including fixed wing, multi-rotor, helicopter, transitioning, tethered and other types of drones.

Webinar Description: This webinar will explore vibrations and their impact in UAV development. We will start with the fundamentals of vibrations, followed by the effects those vibrations can have on hardware and control performance. We will then look at some of the more common sources of vibrations, and how to detect and analyze vibration problems. The presentation will conclude with a discussion on mitigation methods.

Speaker:Matias Gervai, RPAS Systems Integrator

Speaker Biography:Matias Gervai holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Winnipeg, where he graduated gold medalist, after which he did a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Minnesota. Matias has worked at MicroPilot since 2018, where he has worked on the development of RPAS integrations of numerous vehicles of various different types from all over the world. Matias has also worked on the safety analysis and the safety documentation artifacts at MicroPilot since joining the team, having worked in the FHA, FTA and thereupon derived system requirements.

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mannarino MANNARINO is a leading service provider in Software & Programmable Airborne Electronic Hardware. Supporting the aerospace, defense, space, simulation, rail and power generation industries for over 20 years, we specialize in the design, verification, and certification of safety-critical systems. MANNARINO is a Transport Canada accredited Design Approval Organization and has just released its Affordable, Safe and Flexible RTOS product.,

Webinar Description: This presentation will look at why is it so difficult to choose a microprocessor. To help developers, we propose a technical approach to processor selection. We will walk the audience through the 6 key elements of the technical approach and look at some of the key questions that need to be answered when selecting a processor.

Speaker:Mr. Dahman Assal / Engineering Project Manager

Speaker Biography:Dahman has over 18 years of in-depth experience in software design for airborne and embedded real-time systems. He has been involved in several successful certification programs with Transport Canada, FAA and EASA covering the full software lifecycle development process including requirements capture, prototyping, proof-of-concept, design, hardware integration, testing, and verification in compliance with RTCA DO-178C.

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sightline SightLine Applications, Inc. is an Oregon based company that provides onboard video processors that are key sub-assemblies in advanced camera systems. Founded in 2007, SightLine has an engineering focused team of 18. We understand the importance of every technical support call and strive to be an important part of your development and integration teams. SightLine Applications adds significant value to a wide range of advanced camera systems through our onboard video processing solutions.

Webinar Description: SightLine’s software engineers have been working on our next software release. Join us for a discussion with our engineers and learn about the improvements and additions that were made for this release. Some of the improvements include enhancement, low slant angle detection/tracking improvements, zoom lens controls, and additions to our AI Classifier training model. As you hear about our 3.5 Release, now is the time for customers to offer feedback to help us define our development priorities.

Speakers:Panel of SightLine’s embedded software engineers

Speaker Biography:Our team of embedded systems engineers is committed to constantly improving our broad suite of video functions and capabilities. The SightLine Applications team has extensive experience in unmanned systems and image processing solutions and understands the importance of technical support and being a part of customers’ development and integration teams.

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sierraOlympic Sierra-Olympic is a trusted independent supplier of leading-edge infrared imaging technology. Our small company has made a big impact over the last 25 years and we are proud of our reputation as a trusted and respected authority on practical, high-value infrared camera products and services.

Webinar Description:

Five Key Elements for Successful Integration
  1. Selecting the right class of product based on size/weight requirements (aerial, terrestrial, mobile)
  2. Identifying the interface options — video/communication
  3. Software requirements and integration
  4. Video requirements and integration
  5. Successful business relationship development and management


Andy Crafts, Senior Systems Engineer
Tim Decker, Product Engineering Manager

Speaker Biographies:

Andy Crafts holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He has worked for more than ten years in the drone industry, serving as electrical engineer, computer/software engineer, and wearer of many technical hats at a variety of small companies. He recently joined Sierra-Olympic as a Systems Engineer, and has deep experience working on infrared camera, RPAS, and autopilot integrations. Andy is named as an inventor on U.S. patent 11,319,068 B2: Apparatus and Method for Automated Launch, Retrieval, and Servicing of a Hovering Aircraft.

Tim Decker graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in mechanical engineering and a math minor from the University of Iowa. He has worked in the Columbia River Gorge’s UAV-based tech industry in and around Hood River, Oregon for eleven years. His experience spans test/development of the Insitu RQ-21 UAV, Cloud Cap ISR gimbals, and extends to wakeboard manufacturing for Slingshot Sports. Over his five years with Sierra-Olympic his knowledge and expertise have informed end-to-end system architecture for a variety of products and customer programs. As Product Engineering Manager at Sierra-Olympic, he is a key liaison between the engineering team and customer success.

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