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epropelled ePropelled is a leader in magnetic engineering innovations that define the future of electric propulsion. Our patented intelligent motors, generators, and motor controllers are software controlled and create new levels of energy and system-level efficiencies in aerospace, electric vehicles, and industrial applications.

Webinar Description: UAV designers must consider a variety of factors when determining the specifications of their aircraft. Mission parameters will determine the payload requirements and the overall size of the vehicle. The propulsion system must be configured to support these requirements but understanding the details of propulsion systems can be complex. During the webinar, we will help designers understand how to balance these competing needs. Attendees will learn:
  • How peak power differs from continuous power
  • What performance curves really tell you
  • How operating temperature and altitude are interrelated
  • Why power to weight ratio may be more important than weight alone
  • What you need to know about efficiency ratings

Speaker:Dr. Nabeel Shirazee, Global CTO & MD

Speaker Biography:Nabeel graduated from Leicester University in 1990 where he studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering. An M.Sc. in magnetic engineering followed at Cardiff University where he continued his Ph.D. studies and developed a permanent magnet lifting system that was patented by Cardiff University. His keen interest in magnetics led to a patented magnetic levitation system, which was awarded the “World’s No 1 Invention” at INPEX in the USA. In 1999 he founded Electronica, a magnetics research & design consultancy. Since then he has been involved with various challenging projects, including the design of an actuator motor for a British aerospace company. He also licensed the magnetic levitation technology to a Company in France.

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mobilicom Mobilicom is an End-to-end provider of Cybersecurity and Smart solutions for Drones, Robotics and Autonomous platforms. With versatile network topologies and large product portfolio, Mobilicom caters to every deployment and project scope from small to large scale with the highest flexibility, reliability and mobility in the market. Mobilicom's product portfolio is fully designed and developed in-house and relies on extensive know-how and experience leading communication systems development worldwide.

Webinar Description: The UAV’s operational needs are rapidly growing and creating the requirements of new communication with high networking capabilities. One of the challenges that we are facing is, being in line with new emerging regulations, that are in some cases limiting the operational options and possibilities.
This session will cover the major changes of the operational needs in a few sectors (special focus on public safety and delivery verticals) as well as the regulations updates. Also, it will highlight use cases in which there was a need of a networking solution that ensures mission continuity always and anywhere.

Speaker:Pinhas Reich, VP Business Development & Marketing

Speaker Biography: Pinhas brings senior global managerial experience in sales, marketing and business development in various industries such as Telecom, Smart homes, behavior prediction based on speech analytics for enterprise and in the consumer market.
Pinhas has rich experience working for both small and large, private and public companies.

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micropilot Since 1994, MicroPilot has been the world leader in professional UAV autopilots with more than 1,500 clients in over 100 countries. For 27 years, MicroPilot has focused on UAV autopilots and provides UAV autopilots, accessories, ground control station software, simulators and integration support services to UAV manufacturers. MicroPilot autopilots fly a wide range of RPAS including fixed wing, multi-rotor, helicopter, transitioning, tethered and other types of drones.

Webinar Description: In this presentation, we will first do a brief introduction as to what Fault Tree Analyses (FTA) are and how they work. Then we will discuss their usefulness in the design process, and how they integrate to the methods described in ARP4761 and ARP4754A. Finally, we will showcase some of the non-standard methods MicroPilot has developed to make them more suited to RPAS, which have far more interdependent systems than typical populated aircraft.

Speaker:Matias Gervai, RPAS Systems Integrator

Speaker Biography:Matias Gervai holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Winnipeg, where he graduated gold medalist, after which he did a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Minnesota. Matias has worked at MicroPilot since 2018, where he has worked on the development of RPAS integrations of numerous vehicles of various different types from all over the world. Matias has also worked on the safety analysis and the safety documentation artifacts at MicroPilot since joining the team, having worked in the FHA, FTA and thereupon derived system requirements.

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mannarino MANNARINO is a leading service provider in Software & Programmable Airborne Electronic Hardware. Supporting the aerospace, defense, space, simulation, rail and power generation industries for over 20 years, we specialize in the design, verification, and certification of safety-critical systems. MANNARINO is a Transport Canada accredited Design Approval Organization and has just released its Affordable, Safe and Flexible RTOS product.,

Webinar Description: Webinar dedicated to the ARINC 653 standard. ARINC 653 standard is the industry de facto standard specifying the standardized interface for a real-time operating system (RTOS). Specific elements that will be presented include:
  • System Architecture
  • Partition Scheduling & Time Management
  • Partition Operating Modes
  • Process Management
  • Inter-partition Communication
  • Intra-partition Communication
  • Interrupt & Memory Block Services
  • Health Monitoring
  • Configuration

Speaker:Julien Savard, Senior Software Analyst

Speaker Biography:Julien Savard is a senior software analyst at MANNARINO Systems and Software Inc. and an important contributor to the MANNARINO Real-time Operating System (M-RTOS) which is compliant to the ARINC 653 standard. He has over 10 years of academic and industrial experience with embedded system and avionic software.

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sightline SightLine Applications, Inc. is an Oregon based company that provides onboard video processors that are key sub-assemblies in advanced camera systems. Founded in 2007, SightLine has an engineering focused team of 18. We understand the importance of every technical support call and strive to be an important part of your development and integration teams. SightLine Applications adds significant value to a wide range of advanced camera systems through our onboard video processing solutions.

Webinar Description: ISR payloads are entertainingly complex products – having flexible COTS sub-component options and robust supplier support are keys to a successful, elegant product. It is easy to overlook the scope of development and support efforts for video processing within UAS Systems. The choice of cameras and video processor are vitally important to meet functionality and SWaP for every UAS optronic sub-system. Video processors that can interface with a wide range of cameras, solve multiple video steam related functions, and help system integrators with intra-system connectivity help simplify the integration process and time to market.

Speaker:Mark Zanmiller, Director of Business Development

Speaker Biography:Mark has led the BD team at SightLine for 9 years concentrating on building a strong team and world-wide customer base in multiple markets. Prior to that, Mark led BD teams at Sagetech and at Cloud Cap Technology. Foundational experience was as a system and electrical design engineer at Cloud Cap, ANPC, and Hughes Aircraft. Mark earned a BSEE (bioengineering minor) from the University of Wyoming.
When not noodling about work, Mark is active in Hood River as an elected City Councilor, working on exciting issues including stormwater, parking, urban renewal, housing attainability, and open space.

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sierraOlympic Sierra-Olympic is a trusted independent supplier of leading-edge infrared imaging technology. Our small company has made a big impact over the last 25 years and we are proud of our reputation as a trusted and respected authority on practical, high-value infrared camera products and services.

Webinar Description: Cutting-edge infrared technology, paired with advancements in UAV systems and integration, is poised to make an enormous impact in the industry of gas leak detection and the fight against climate change. This emerging technology clearly visualizes harmful greenhouse gasses like propane that are otherwise difficult, expensive and time consuming to detect.

Speaker:Jeff Leake, VP of Sales

Speaker Biography:Jeff Leake is one of the world’s foremost experts on optical gas imaging technology and implementation. Jeff, the VP of Sales at Sierra-Olympic Technologies, has been on the ground level of many of the infrared industry’s innovations for the last several decades, including the inception of the first OGI imagers. He is an adept speaker and presenter with an incredibly knowledgeable, but down-to-earth style that makes highly technical subject matter interesting and engaging.

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tallysman Tallysman is a designer and manufacturer of high-precision GNSS and Iridium® antennas based in Ottawa, Canada. Tallysman® is known for its Accutenna®, VeraPhase®, VeroStar™, and Helical antenna innovations. These technologies have provided accuracy and precision that exceed customer expectations.

Webinar Description: In today’s congested RF environment, many cellular and other communication signals interfere with the GNSS spectrum. Cellular signals and their harmonics can cause a non-tightly filtered antenna to saturate. When this happens, the GNSS receiver will not receive a clean GNSS signal and navigation may be disrupted. Tallysman has developed robust filtering techniques to enable antennas to perform optimally even in close proximity to interfering signals.

Topics covered:

  • Current GNSS Constellations and their signals and frequencies
  • Radio Frequency Interference Sources
    • Amateur Radio
    • Cellular signals
      • Direct
      • Harmonics
    • Ground to Satellite (Iridium and Inmarsat)
    • Vehicle generated signals (USB devices)
  • Antenna interference mitigation techniques
  • Receiver interference mitigation techniques
  • Summary

Speaker:Gyles Panther, President and CTO Tallysman Wireless

Speaker Biography:Gyles Panther is a technology industry veteran with more than 40 years of engineering, corporate management and entrepreneurial experience. He spent the first 20 years of his career in the semiconductor industry, first with Plessey in the U.K., then in Canada with Microsystems International. Panther co-founded and acted as engineering vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) for Siltronics, followed by SilCom and SiGem. In 2002, he founded start-up Wi-Sys Communications, acting as president and CTO. He is now president and CTO of Tallysman Wireless, his fourth successful start-up, which was founded in 2009. Panther holds an honours degree in applied physics from City University, London, U.K.

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spirent Spirent is a global company with more than 1400 employees and more than 1500 happy customers. With offices in 26 countries the company is divided in couple of business units : Mobile Networks, 5G, Cloud, PNT, Wi-Fi and High-Speed Ethernet. Spirent Positioning Technology (PT) is a global leader in GNSS testing and it has more than 30 years of experience in the field with our first GNSS Simulator developed in 1985. Our high quality equipment is setting the standards for GNSS testing across all industries. The Business unit is based in UK, in the bay of the English riviera - Paignton.

Webinar Description: An Introduction to Testing Navigation and Positioning Performance in Drones, UAS and UAVs
  • What is “State of art GNSS”?
  • Why do you want to test GNSS?
  • GNSS Test Methodologies.
  • GNSS Vulnerabilities.
  • Mitigation of environmental or intentional disturbances.
  • Spirent GNSS products overview.

Speaker:Todor Trionski, Global Segment Lead, Positioning Business Unit(PT)

Speaker Biography:Todor Trionski is a Global Segment lead at Spirent Communications, Positioning Business unit(PT). His current role is to investigate gaps in the different segments that Spirent are operating withing and to identify challenges in those industries that are not yet addressed. His focus is mainly in the Positioning Navigation and Timing(PNT) domain. Todor used to be a Sales Engineer for APAC for 3 years for Spirent, so he has a very good understanding of the customers challenges and also 2 years as software developer and QA, which gives him great insides to all of Spirent PT products. Todor is a BSc from University of Westminster in London in the field of Electronics Engineering and Radio Communications.

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